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Grip extensions on magazine?

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Has anyone tried to make or fit another grip extension to the R9 magazine? I don't have mine yet but as soon as I get it I will look at the magazine to see if one can be fitted to it. I know this may somewhat defeat the entire concept of 'small' but I am a tinkerer and wonder if this could work and I don't think a mag extension would bulk up the gun at all. Now don't flame me for not having an R9 yet - I'm just curious!!! (should be here soon)

As you follow up with this project you will find the Mag catch/release will pose a problem. But if you want to try, start with a base made for a Kahr, or a Colt Pocket Nine.

Thank for the 'heads-up'. I'll keep everyone informed as it takes shape.

Look under accessories.  There is the answer.  I had asked the same question.

Here is one of the pictures.



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