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problem with round in chamber

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I have a Wilson Combat Covert that I recently purchased used. When I took it to the range I had a repeated problem of the second round not properly loading into the chamber. A very slight racking of the slide corrects the problem and then (most of the time) the remaining rounds fire. I am using American Eagle ammo (as recommended) and I both cleaned the gun AND I put a new spring in. None of these things have solved the problem. I asked the guy who sold me the gun if he had this problem, and he claimed not to. Does anyone have additional suggestions, or, otherwise does anyone have a recommendation of a gunsmith I could utilize to help me? Thanks.

Welcome to the forum giansant.

Can't help you with your issue, but I am sure an expert or two will be along shortly.

Did you try another magazine?

Sounds like slide is sticking to me.

Wilson Combat Covert? Is that a 1911?


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