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Gold Plating R9 Patrs

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If you have a smartphone, one quick solution for the photo size is to text the photos to yourself.  If it's a Samsung, the messaging app automatically shrinks the photo for faster messaging.  You then save the texted image back to your phone and you now have a smaller size image that is more forum friendly.  I'm not sure if iPhone messaging shrinks the image size.  If the image is on your PC, you have to add a step by emailing the images to yourself from the PC, then opening the email on your phone and saving them to the phone.  The whole process takes about 60 seconds if you've done it before.

Here's my #4007 in the display box and a photo of the #4007 versus my #3840 Stealth.

BTW; Curt Dane made the Carbon Fiber all black grips shown on the Stealth also.

The contact info for "TiGuN" is and (619) 596-7444

Now THAT is a sweet R9 Pistol there!

A nice gun!


Eric R.

I like that you left the frame black.  Looks good.


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