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NP3 or NP3+ Treatment

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I am a police officer in NJ and I utilize my R9S Stealth for off-duty and backup carry.  It is always with me either on my hip or in my pocket.  My question is, should I have the weapon treated NP3 or NP3+?  Someone advised me that Cerakote treatment is not recommended for the Rohrbaugh due to the tight tolerances of the weapon.  Is the same true for the NP3 and/or NP3+ treatment?  Any suggestions and opinions are greatly appreciated....

Regards, and stay healthy and well!


Can't help you with your question, but I did want to say 'Welcome to the Forum Ed'.

There was a run of Robar Rohrbaugh R9S, which were plated by Robar. Unfortunately Robar is officially out of business.

Next best idea, Accurate Plating & Weaponry (Cogan Custom) I know they’ve plated Rohrbaugh’s before are familiar with the weapon.

I’ve used them for both plating and custom work in the past and can HIGHLY recommend them.

BTW, I’ve carried my R9S Stealth as an on & off duty back-up.

Welcome also.  Eric Rohrbaugh hands around the forum a good bit and may be able to add some advice.

Thanks all, especially for the welcome.  This forum has a lot of good info. and I figured it would be a good resource for these questions I have.

It would be great to hear from Eric Rohrbaugh on here to answer my inquiries.  I'm really wondering if it's a good idea to go for the NP3 or NP3+ treatment or just leave it as a R9S Stealth.

Anyway, have a good Memorial Day all - honoring and remembering the ultimate sacrifice given by so many.


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