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For those that live on Long Island............

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If you live on Long Island I've noticed you have a new destination if you are a military/history buff.

The LT Michael P Murphy Navy Seal Museum has opened in West Sayville near the Long Island Maritime Museum.

If there are any members (cough, cough) that live on Long Island and check it out, please post a review.



I actually live about 10 miles away from the museum. It is located on the grounds of The Long Island Maritime Museum in West Sayville, New York on the South Shore of Long Island. I had stopped by the building about a year ago as I usually take walks around the Maritime Museum grounds. It was still being built at that time. I will stop by again soon and see what is going on there now. It seemed as if it was getting ready to open a year ago. I'll get back to you all soon, with some photographs too!


Eric R.

Good Morning Folks,

      Well, I stopped by yesterday morning (Friday) and it is exactly the same as it was about a year and a half ago when I had stopped by to have a look.  I had breakfast this morning with "Someone in the know" and this person mentioned that it is not open due to, what he believes and he's well connected, that the county does not wish to handle the insurance for this exhibit. . . . . So there it stands, however, the county is taking care of the outside of this brand new construction and its grounds. I must say they are maintaining this building and it's outside exhibits extremely well and with pride. Some exhibits can be seen through the windows including Lt. Michael Murphy’s Medal of Honor on display in a lighted sealed presentation pedestal. Outside is an actual Seals Mini-Sub for the deployment of seals on underwater missions. 

That really is all the news I can put out there for you folks at this time.

I did manage some photographs which I hope you enjoy here.

(I tried to upload them and they are too large. This is the first one I "Resized" to see if it works)
If this does upload, I'll do more later on. Thanks for understanding my lack of computer knowledge. lol)


Eric C. Rohrbaugh

Ah haa. . . . . The "Resizing" worked. I'll post more later on today now that I know what size to reduce these to for viewing on the forum.  I even have some photographs of the mini-sub on display.  TTYL


Seal Sub


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