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Tools for Cleaning and Maintenance of the R-9

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Richard S:
I have simplified my life with the collection of five tools for the cleaning and maintenance of my R-9. First a group photo with the "Star of the Show":

And now a closeup of the tools identified left to right by number:

And finally, a photo showing the ease with which one of the Bedair tools allows the slide to be aligned for removal of the barrel pin:

Once everything is aligned as shown, you can either remove the barrel pin with the punch while maintaining downward pressure on the Bedair tool or you can insert the Hedley "Stop Stick" into the gap between barrel and slide in the ejection port to hold it all in place for slow and easy pin removal using two hands.

Reassembly, with these tools, is "a walk in the park."

At last report, R. J. Hedley had only a few left of his "Two-in-One" Takedown Tools (the combination "Stop Stick" & Compression Tool) and didn't plan to produce any more. Anyone interested could contact him through his web site:

Anyone interested in the tools developed by Steve Bedair could contact him via his site:

Life is good!   8)

Thanks for the pics!!

Very nice indeedy!! 8)


thanks for the clear picture and explaination.Icouldn't figure out how to use the other side of Mr. Hedley's tool,so simple.Once the pin and slide are  aligned ,I just use a wood tooth pick to push the pin out(pin is tapered and only comes out one way).

Richard S:

Just trying to spread the word on the innovative work of Messrs. Hedley and Bedair.  Glad it was of some help.   8)

Stay safe.

Thanks again Richard
One of the things that I liked about Mr. Bedair's posting were his  instructions for do-it-yourselfers for how to build his tools for only pennies and a trip to the hardware store.What talent we have on this board and how freely its shared.Your pictures are great.



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