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production break down on the k380

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Somebody click on the fake YouTube link in his signature line and report back on how bad the malware was


--- Quote from: JoshA on February 06, 2015, 11:45:32 PM ---
So who has the Robar Rohrbaugh .380?

Anyone fessing up?

--- End quote ---

Could this have been the orginal Rohrbaugh Robar 380?  Eric do you remember the SN?  The linc is K121

Hey Corey,

It is a good shot that that particular R380 is original. We did a few of those with Robbie Barkmann's NP3 treatment.
That little .380 shot like a .25 Automatic due to the locking breath rather than the traditional blowback designs of most .380 pistols.
So sweet of a gun she was. Keep in mind what you see here, although no longer available as it was sold, is just an NP3-coated R380. It is not a Rohrbaugh Robar version. Those had items that were hand polished by our in-house jeweler which this pistol does not have. However, it's still a sweet pistol and sold!  Someone has a nice R380 for sure.

Eric R.


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