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rohrbaugh .380 barrel wanted

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wanted to buy rohrbaugh .380 barrel ...any condition and affordable (cheap)


thanx but...........WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to expensive...and the girls a jerk...jerks ya around...takes her sweet time shipping even after numerous requests to ship

Thats the only show in town anymore im afraid and $49 is expensive? I bought one from them when I was building a conversion kit and had it in my hands in about 3 days. You must have pissed them off somehow.
Williams is long out of barrels and thats where all of the Rohrbaugh inventory went after the sale to Remington.
I think you are stuck waiting for the one on eBay to ship.

Is this eBay seller a former Rohrbaugh employee who has a crate of 380 slides and barrels?  It looks like most of her reviews are for Rohrbaugh slides and barrels.


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