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Rohrbaugh .380 for sale in Houston.

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Visiting a local gun store today and saw they had a .380 for sale.

Serial number is K148, they are asking $1,250

Non-script Deer Park. 

It had a regular 9mm magazine in it. (Will those work?)

Here is a link to it if anyone is interested.

This store is notorious for their policy of buying real low and selling real high.  However, I have found they do negotiate in the past.


They will not Work.

Looking through their archives, they have sold this same pistol a few times before, LOL.

It seems to have lost it's finger grip magazine somewhere in the past, and is a bit cheaper now.

Sold Nov, 2014

and again,

Sold May, 2015

Seems like no one wants to keep this guy for long.

Here are some that have passed through their shop.

The magazine looks like a regular 9mm type, however, there should be a spacer welded in place inside the magazine for the .380 round. The lips on the top of the magazine casing are also different than the 9mm magazines. We did test fire an R380 early on using a 9mm magazine for kicks to see if it would work, and it did work, mostly, but there were some occasional jams with it.

So, in closing:  You can sort of shoot the R380 using a 9mm mag, but is will not be as reliable as using the correct 380 magazine.

Eric R.


--- Quote from: tattoo on February 14, 2018, 07:29:17 PM ---They will not Work.

--- End quote ---

Thanks Mike and Eric, I will let them know next time I am over that way.

I will check for the spacer, I did not see it today, just noticed the 9mm on the mag body.  Clean gun, lot of owners.


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