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For those of you who adhere to the motto of “fired rarely, carried often,” how frequently do you clean your R9?  That is, if you’re carrying on a daily basis but only shooting the gun at the range every few months, do you clean more frequently than your range sessions would dictate?  This would be done in order to address the hazards of a carry gun, particularly a pocket gun (e.g. sweat, pocket lint, dirt and debris) and ensure proper functioning.

Thanks for any input on this point!

Thanks a really good question.

I definitely clean more than I shoot just to make sure any lent, sweat or other "bad things" I can't see have found its way inside.

I clean after the range and once a month regardless of range time. I've always wondered is that too much or too little.  Also still use frog lube without problems.

Pull the slide off once every 4 - 6 months and give things a look, wipe down, oil and reassemble.

Repeat in another 4 - 6 months.

All should be well.

As Eric says, but recommend you clean after each range session and tighten the grip screws after every 20 to 40 rounds, or the pistol may not fire when needed.

Thanks for the input, guys!  I had been considering cleaning on a weekly basis, but you’ve talked me out of it - for now at least.  ;D


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