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Are they out of production already ?

When Remington bought our company in January of 2014, they eventually brought out their version of the pistol in a .380 ACP form. It was called the Remington RM380. I have one and actually love it! They sold for between $200 - $349 at the time. The $200 number came to being as Remington offered a coupon for I think $100 or $125 off of the purchase price. That was an incredible sale!


Since Remington went bankrupt and the new Remington Company doesnít seem to be producing the RM380, I always wondered, do they still own the Rohrbaugh pistols or would another company every produce Rohrbaugh pistols again. Just a thought, it would be nice to see the Rohrbaugh pistols produced again.

Being that Remington bought the patent for the Rohrbaugh Firearms Corp. U.S.A. in 2014 and a few years afterward went out of business, I am not sure how that works out. Something to look into I would think, if just for knowledge of that possibility.


I have R380 with the custom blue carbon fiber grips.  Iíve been looking to sell it so if anyone is interested, please shoot me a message.



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