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Alternative to Eezox


I saw a few posts about people having used Eezox in the past,  and wonder if anyone had found a good alternative.

Eezox contains Trichloroethylene which is extremely toxic and there is currently an effort to ban TCE in the US.

It is already banned in a few states so a total ban doesn't seem out of the question and may get enacted.   

I've used Ballistol with good results for years.  It was originally developed to treat wounds as well as firearm lubrication/protection, no issues with it being a known carcinogenic I am aware of.

If your worried, stock up on it from Amazon.

I'll probably stay clear of the Eezox,  no point in tempting fate.   When I was a kid my dad had some left over DDT long after it was banned and decided to spray the yard with it.   No telling how much of that is already in my system from the garden. 

I'll check out the Ballistol. 


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