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Title: Froglube
Post by: renrew on April 02, 2013, 12:48:24 PM
Per the recommendation of several of you guys here I bought some Froglube and applied it after heating with a hair dryer.  It looks like I need to use the hair dryer once again, then just the Froglube for cleaning?

It is hard to get past seeing a layer of tradition lubricant on the rails and the friction points on the gun.

After I let it set on the gun for 1 hour, I subsequently wiped id down then applied a thin layer to the rails before reassembly.
Title: Re: Froglube
Post by: Richard S on April 02, 2013, 02:29:18 PM
 I also occasionally apply a bit of FrogLube to the slide/frame interface between cleanings. Great stuff, FrogLube!
Title: Re: Froglube
Post by: docboss on April 02, 2013, 05:28:02 PM
I "seasoned" the entire firearm, except the grip, twice. Now I use the Froglube exclusively to clean the R9. A couple of times through the barrel with a snake (with a little Froglube on it), then a couple of  dry patches. It should look like a mirror. A microfiber cloth will usually remove the carbon/grit elsewhere. When you season the firearm don't forget to apply Froglube to the magazines. Since you are wiping off the firearm after the waiting period, don't be afraid to coat it heavily. If you do add some to the slide/rail, do it sparingly then gently wipe it off. Froglube is not grease. If you can see it, you have much too much on the firearm. I'll probably do the heat application each time I replace the spring. Remember that if you want to remove any Froglube from the grip, Simple Green is great stuff. Good luck. I wish everyone would look at the youtube vid. It is 20 minutes well spent. Doc