Author Topic: Disapointing range outing with Federal HST  (Read 2941 times)

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Disapointing range outing with Federal HST
« on: September 28, 2014, 08:36:23 PM »
I wanted to switch ammo from the 147gr Winchester "T" Series - RA9T, to the 147gr Federal HST because there aren't any tests of the RA9T out of a 3" barrel and the tests of the 147 Federal HST are pretty good.

But on the third round I had a failure to return to battery.  It was easy to remediate, just tugged on the slide and it fed, but 1 failure in 14 is too much for me, and I don't want to keep shooting up boxes of HST.

My R9 has been flawless with the RA9T so I'll stick with it.

I feel bad though.

Also, I normally clean the R9 about every 2 weeks because I notice it gets lint and schmutz on it from carrying it in my pocket, but I got lazy and didn't clean it for almost 5 weeks.  Maybe if I'd cleaned it before this range trip it would have run more smoothly.


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Re: Disapointing range outing with Federal HST
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2014, 02:52:03 AM »
I purposely don't clean and lube my carry gun before a range trip. Want to see what it will do outa the pocket if I need it. Having said that, and to be fair to the HST you will have to compare both it, and the Win "T" equally, by starting with a clean gun each time. Don't forget to start with a clean mag to, sometimes crud gets around the follower. Both rounds are excellent and I use both. R
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