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A customer recently purchased 2 giraffe holsters with elephant trim and also asked me to make him an "Uncle Mikes" style in Shark.  I had never tried one before but I liked the way it accommodates a variety of other guns, so I made one up for myself too .  I don't think it's as good as a properly formed holster but it's hard to deny the versatility if offers.  Great for those who have several guns but don't want to purchase individual holsters. 
#1 is Shark with Stingray trim and Goat lining. 
#2 is Ostrich and Python.
#3 is Blue giraffe with elephant trim
#4 is  brown giraffe with elephant trim

Very nice.

Very nice work!


Brian, it is great to see you are still at it. These holsters posted years ago are still fashionable and functional today.
You know Iím a big fan of your work.

I know this is an old post, but I know you are still cranking out great stuff.

Lovely work!


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