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Better Gripping Grips


 The picture below is the first set of grips off our newest mold.  It is a contoured grip and has a very aggressive texture that is molded into the Carbon Fiber.  It gives you a much better hold on the gun and is available in Black, Blue, Red, Green Purple, Silver, and Gold. 

Also Pictured is the Disassembly / Reassembly Tool. (DRT)  They make getting the recoil spring back in the gun very easy.   I still get calls requesting them and they are available. 

Thanks for all the business you've sent our way.

Brian, in terms of performance (control, grip for follow up shots, etc), how do these compare with the VZ grips?  The VZ Predator grips?



Or does anyone else have any opinions on these grips vs. VZ grips for performance?



Hi Ed,
I don't have any of the competitions grips to compare mine to so I can't answer your question.  However, I'd be happy to make a set for you to try out for yourself.  Just let me know a color and give me a week or two to make a set up.  There will be no charge to you unless you decide to keep them.  You're welcome to put them on your gun and go shooting as often as you need to decide if they're right for you.  I'll even throw in a complimentary DRT (Disassembly / Reassembly Tool). 
Give me a call or send an email if you have any questions. 

PS.  I'll need your shipping and general contact info if you want to try them.


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