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Selling a rare firearm questions
« on: March 27, 2018, 03:51:41 PM »
Iím looking to gather some information or opinions on selling a rare or scare pistol. Some background info on the firearm include: Itís an MAB PA-15 PAP F1 (  This is a target version of the standard French pistol MAB PA-15.  The pistol was in pretty bad shape when I purchased it and I had it sent to Glenrock Blue for restoration.  Iím hoping that since this not really a collectible, the restoration wonít influence its value.  Iím looking for opinions on how I can go about selling this pistol. 

Iíve thought about selling it on my own, or putting it on consignment with a popular seller on gunbroker and with a history in dealing with rare, scarce and high-end firearms.  The problem is, there are only 2 listings stateside Iíve Seen personally or can even find on the internet and/or various forums.  Some of my concerns are, where to start at a price. Do I throw the dice and start at ďpenny startĒ?  Do I list and start the price based on the only 2 sales Iím aware about?   

If I list it personally, I can set my own price and save money on a consignment fee.  The problem is, Iím not a well known seller, my listing would be less visible, and I have no credentials/history on selling a rare or high end firearm.  If I consign the firearm, the seller I have in mind is very well known in dealing with similar firearms. This could possibly increase my chances of my pistol being seen by buyers familur with this particular firearm.  The consignee can possibly justify a high price being set for the listing price.  If it is decided to be a ďpenny startĒ, going with a reputable seller may also increase my chances of having considerably more bidders.  Hopefully all this makes sense.  I really appreciate any comments or suggestions anyone may have. Jim