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A bigger version ...
« on: October 16, 2004, 04:48:52 AM »
I realize that this is going to go against the company's goal of producing the smallest, lightest 9mm on the market and I don't expect something like this for a while, but I would like to see a bigger version of the R9.

Just follow with me for a second or two ...

When Kahr first came out with their K9, it was a nice compact/sub-compact size gun with measurements around (please don't hold me to a tenth of an inch or two because I'm leading up to something) a length of 6.1", height of 4.5" and width of 0.95 -- holding 7+1 rounds.

Then they came out with an even smaller model with a length of 5.35", height of 4.0" with the same width of .95" -- holding 6+1 rounds.

Now just recently (within the past year or two) they came out with the T9 with a length of 6.6" and a height of 5.0" -- holding 8+1 rounds.

Just like Kahr came out with a bigger version of their K9 and called it the T9, I would like to see a bigger version of the R9 -- maybe have it the size of the PPK (not PPK/S).

The reason for the larger size would be to either have the gun "beefed up" to handle +P ammo and/or to accomidate one extra round.

The current R9 is the PERFECT gun for deep concealment. However, there are times when I wouldn't mind going a bit larger. A 9mm in the size of a PPK would be just the ticket.

Yes, I know that the Kahr MK9 is the size of a PPK but I prefer the design of the R9 and would like to see a slightly bigger version -- never liked guns like the Kahr and the Glocks that have no hammer and lack a repeat striker capability ... to be perfectly honest, that is the reason why I got rid of the MK9. I liked everything about it and wasn't bothered by the size or weight but I didn't like the fact that it lacked a repeat striker capability and that it didn't have a hammer.
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