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Wishing for a 10 round R9

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Hello All . I just finished reading Josh's post about NEW Topics and new ideas to keep the forum jumping . So I just wanted to toss a firecracker into the fire . I HOPE the new people at the controls of the R9 would consider making an R9 with a slightly wider grip . This allowing a 10 round box mag , of 9mm , to be carried . I KNOW this MAY fly in the face of some R9 purist . But I have always been in search for a ultimate pocket rocket . While I LOVE my two tone pup . I think that design would pump some new life into the overall interest of the R9 . I am thinking a new R9 could be called the R9/10 . I placed 2 pup mags together and while thick at about 24mm wide . I KNOW that many double stack wonder 9s come in at about .8 of an inch wide . Again I know some right now may want to flog me . But I would pony up on a 10 shot pup in a New York minute . Some may say I am treading on the history or glow of the original R9 . But as one chapter closes another new one opens as they say . So WHY NOT inject new ideas into the mix while we have the chance . Maybe another all stainless model offering as well . Just thinking out loud here . Thanks for giving me your time guys .

This does fly in the face of what the R9 is (was).

It sounds like you'd be trying to turn the R9 into an aluminum version of the SCCY but with shorter OAL than the SCCY.

I'm sure some people would like it.

One of the greatest attributes of the R9 is the slim feel making it IMO the most comfortable and easy to carry of any handgun in a caliber 9mm or greater.  The thicker grip would make pocket carry significantly different in feel and appearance.  I would not preclude the value of an R10, but would hate to lose the R9 in consequence...would be great to have both.

I think I would rather see the R9 with a slightly longer grip. Maybe just long enough to hold a seventh bullet in the mag.  I think the extra length would make the gun easier to control and not really impact the concealibility of the gun.  A lot of people have put those grip extenders on their R9, so why not make the grip just a tad longer and get an extra round to boot?

It sounds like you'd be trying to turn the R9 into an aluminum version of the SCCY but with shorter OAL than the SCCY.
By the way, any feelings about this gun?


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