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Thank God that ring didn't make it into the design.

Amen, brother.


--- Quote from: PhilZ on February 24, 2021, 07:31:24 PM ---Thank God that ring didn't make it into the design.

--- End quote ---

Hey, Phil and everyone here,

Here’s the story on the “Safe Gun” Technology design being put to the “Back Seat”. 

My brother Karl wanted to do it because there was a lot of interest by the government and it looked like things were going in that direction 20 years ago. I was watching all of the different forums back then to get a feel for what you, the public, wanted. . . . . and it wasn't this "Safe Gun" stuff! Then, New Jersey put the nail in the coffin for any sort of this technology. They put into law that if a company comes up with a reliable "Safe Gun" technology, then every firearm, whether handgun or long gun, would have to have it on their firearms within a two-year period in the state of New Jersey, with others most likely to follow. Can you imagine the money we could have made with that patent!? Everyone would have had to get the license to use our system on their firearms. We were looking at some serious cash coming in our direction. Our Rohrbaugh R9 was already being talked about on the forums as the world’s smallest and lightest 9mm pistol and now “Safe Gun” Technology to boot!? However, once the government enforcement of “Safe Gun” tech details got out, we were considered just like another Smith & Wesson “Selling out to The Feds” for offering such a controversial system. Here is the fubar: Originally that technology was going to be used by our armed forces and police departments to protect themselves from the enemy picking up their sidearm and trying to use it to kill our guys. That technology would have been a good and honorable cause being used in that capacity. However, they turned that around and instead made that tech mandatory for civilian firearms only, whilst the armed forces and police were exempt. Now hold on a moment fellas, here is some deep inside information coming right from the manufacturer for you on this issue back in the day. . . . . . I had a conversation with Karl about this and you, the public, and your disdain for such a bill. I convinced Karl to stop the development of the technology because the feds were going to use it against us, the patriotic free Americans! Along with the fact that the public was starting to badmouth Rohrbaugh Firearms Corp. because of the tech before we even got started! Not a good thing. Karl agreed and we abandoned the project. I put it out to the forums I was participating in to keep people informed about the progress of our R9 project that we were going to abandon the “Safe Gun” version and just make our pistol without it. . . . A standard semi-auto 9mm pocket pistol. The people on the forums said something like, and I’m paraphrasing here:  “Well now that the Rohrbaugh Brothers have abandoned that Safe Gun technology pistol, I am going to wish them well on their venture and success with the R9!” The rest is, as they say, history. We became the 2005 NRA Handgun of The Year. At that time, we were the only company in the NRA's history to come out of nowhere and in the first year of production be honored with that prestigious award.

. . . . . As Paul Harvey would say:  "And now. . . you know the rest of the story."

Good Night ............. Be safe and stay well every one of you Patriots.

Eric R.


I knew this story, but I'm glad you told it again.  Really, you and Karl saved the firearms industry to your own financial detriment.  Kudos to being on the right side of history!


--- Quote from: DDGator on February 24, 2021, 09:42:36 PM ---
I knew this story, but I'm glad you told it again.  Really, you and Karl saved the firearms industry to your own financial detriment.  Kudos to being on the right side of history!

--- End quote ---

Thanks, Duane. With the pride of our Family Shield and our entire family trying our best to design, ramp up and manufacture an innovative little pocket 9 pistol that there was a need for, we all had a little something that we put into this project along the way from the very beginning pertaining to being excited about such a cool project and the designers being open to what you had to say. Ref. your quote Duane . . . . You were right and you know the reason. . . . my hands were tied and I knew what the outcome was going to be and I couldn’t do a darn thing to alter that. Oh well.

Anyway, with many of you, we had very nice conversations through the years over the phone and it was really nice to speak with you all. You were all part of our “R&D” department if you will. We learned from those talks and set things into motion.

At that time we certainly did not have the funds to “really do it” full out, but rather just a humble living at best, but the most important thing is that we got to speak with you, the owners who, without you and your questions and pistol issues, it would have made things a little slower progress in those early days. We really enjoyed working with people over the phone if one of their R9s had an issue. As we were always tweaking the design, like the two “Hot Rodders” we were, some of the changes came from listening to what people think about the gun, and, sometimes, we would make major changes to satisfy a buyer if we found them viable. Such was the idea behind the sighted version of the original R9. If we had no discussion with Robert “Bob” “Blackhawk” Jenson from San Antonio, Texas some twenty years ago, there may very well have never been a sighted version! He is the reason the R9S was and is the mainstay R9 Pistol by far. By listening to the people with an open heart and design mind, we would take care of that person’s issue with their pistol, but it also gave us the information in an area that we were able to utilize, even if it just made us think in a different way about something. The Rohrbaugh R9 was always on the move to make it as perfect as a Rohrbaugh could make it. We like to think that we did okay.

Thank You all for being here.

Time for me to retire now. . . . . . I’m tired.

Good Night everyone.

Sincere Regards,



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