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Attention Prospective New Members: Please Read

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So, far: 100% success is stopping spammers.

I have had two bad results in these past couple months.  One guy's email got lost or missed and he had to email a second time and got immediately approved.  My fault.

Second guy didn't follow instructions and weeks later sent a nasty note saying he didn't want to join if it took 2 months to get approved.  I emailed back, approved him, but admittedly gave him a bit of attitude back.  He probably won't be joining us.  Maybe I handled it poorly, but the initial rude email set me off a bit. 

I'll try to do better!   ;)

Duane: You're lucky that you're not Sicilian. We're not known for being very patient. You, on the other hand, have more patience than Job.

Excellent work as usual Duane.

Spammers!? . . . . We don't need no stinkin' Spammers!   LOL

   I can't add anything new here.You guys said it all.
     Great work Duane!

Ha haa . . . . Johnny. . . . "Kudos" are always welcomed here.   ;-)

Eric R.


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