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I stumbled across the patent for the elusive black box used to assist in disassembly of our beloved R9's so I'm attaching it for those who may also find it interesting.  Wish they were still available because I would definitely purchase one or two.

Thanks for posting!  I have one and it has made a world of difference in takedown and cleaning...wish I had more!  Another trick to make reassembly easy is to buy a blue buss puller at Lowe’s; Dremel a semicircular cut in one side and use it to compress the recoil spring while placing it back in the slide.  These 2 items have made cleaning the Pup a joy, even with my arthritic hands.

Ah yes, I recall correctly DavidS called it the “SlideBlok” disassembly device here on the forum.  I am fortunate enough to have one and feel that it does help. 

David Shober was a good chap and one of our shareholders at the time.

So, what is the story on them?

Is David S. still around and making them?  If no, why not?

Patent still in effect?

Does not look like it would be much of an issue with a drill press and a few other basic wood working tools to make some.


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