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We wish her health to return in spades Duane.


--- Quote from: cargaritaville on August 29, 2019, 02:18:48 PM ---Awfully young for all that to happen? Age will definitely be on her side.

--- End quote ---

She was in good health, with no history of cardiac issues.   She does, however, have a strong family history of heart issues.

Glad to hear everything is ok and no need to ever apologize about a family issue. The forum is trivial compared to health.

  Iím sorry Iím so late for this but Iím so sad to hear of your wifeís health!
    I am glad though that sounds like she is recovering well and hope she keeps getting better every day!!
    Thatís what it takes!! Day by day and just keep plugging along!!

    Hope things are so much better for you and your wife!
     Thoughts and prayers go out towards you!
      All the best,


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