Author Topic: I'm still torn - between Keltec P-11 and Rohrbaugh  (Read 20928 times)

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Re: I'm still torn - between Keltec P-11 and Rohrb
« Reply #30 on: May 31, 2004, 01:01:25 PM »

You're going back on the "ignore list".  You can spout your "expertise" and philosophies as you lurk amongst the tables at local gun shows.  Participants can use a good laugh.  The use of the written word is clearly not your area of expertise.

As for 80 degree temperatures -- once again, the outside air temperature is only one factor involved in the effects of wearing body armour.  Hudimity (percentage of water vapor in the air) and the micro-climate created between the body and the body armour (because it is an effective vapor barrier) and the physical activity of the wearer -- all enter into the comfort and heat stress effects of the wearer.

You see, your body temperature at rest is almost 99 degrees.  When your normal sweat process cannot create the cooling properties it was designed for, you create a micro-climate (temperature goes up and humidity goes up within the micro-climate).  Add even moderate physical activity, and the heat index of that micro-climate will soon greatly exceed the 100 degree temperture you rant about -- thus affecting the comfort and performance -- even health -- of the wearer.

Police officers can tell you real life stories of the comfort level of wearing that body armour -- even in an air conditioned vehicle.

Give us some references to your published works (all "experts" have them), or even a website address touting your wares as a "gunsmith or holster maker" -- and maybe people will begin to believe you have even a clue of what you're talking about.  Otherwise, go back to reading Soldier of Fortune -- and whatever "work" you do that makes you think you're an expert......maybe the sporting goods counter at Walmart? 

Your tone from the beginning of your participation on this board was evident of your agenda.  You've now admitted that you don't intend to buy a Rohrbaugh -- well this is what this board is about.  You've probably got a P-3AT (a fine gun) -- go over to and participate, unless you've already been labeled a "troll" over there (we don't need you at the KTRange, either!)....a TROLL is clearly what you are here!

OK Duane, I've got it off my chest.  I'll not respond to anymore of Wilco's drivel.  He will most surely reply -- with his artful writing style --  to get the "last word".  Others, I'm sure, will agree with what I've said. :-X
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Re: I'm still torn - between Keltec P-11 and Rohrb
« Reply #31 on: May 31, 2004, 01:01:54 PM »
A question,  Is there an *ignore* feature offered on this forum,  if there is, I can't find it...This thread has deteriorated to a frothing RANT !


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Re: I'm still torn - between Keltec P-11 and Rohrb
« Reply #32 on: May 31, 2004, 01:28:50 PM »
Yeah, sorry to arrive so late.  This thread has gotten counter-productive.  I want to give people leeway to talk, but only as long as it is productive.

Much of what gets spewed about on threads like this is not good for the cause and doesn't help enlighten people about Rohrbaughts or concealed carry.  There are other boards for these types of discussions --- maybe...

There is no "ignore" feature for threads -- only PMs.  However, anti-social behavior and counterproductive behavior will get you banned from the site.  That I can do.

Wilco -- this is an overdue warning.  The tone of your posts is insulting in nature.  It won't be tolerated here.  Intellectual discussion that is on-point and productive is fine -- attacks are not.


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