Author Topic: Anyone tried other than recommended ammo in the R9? And what were you results?  (Read 1978 times)

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In my R9's, the very rare times I've shot them it's always been with 115gr. WWB or 124gr. standard pressure Gold Dots.

I was thinking of trying out some of Underwoods new "Platinum Defenders" in standard pressure in 68gr. and 90gr. variation. I'm wondering what other ammo R9 shooters have used in their pistols and what were the reliability and accuracy results.

I think I have heard people use other ammo than WWB and Gold Dots with okay results.
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Oddly enough, my R9 would't feed Gold Dots at all.  But it loved Federal HST and ARX Inceptor ammo, both of which are great choices for a little 9mm.

If I jump back into R9 ownership, I'd definitely give the Underwood ammo a try.  I load it in most of my other pistol, and it is both reliable and easy to purchase from the Underwood website.  As a matter of fact, my RM380, currently on my waist, is loaded with it.
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I have had 100% reliability with Winchester 115 silver tips.

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Silvertips were Eric's original recommendation but HST and Gold Dots also came into the picture.

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I carry God Dot 124JHP in my R9 at this point with no issues at all.

Just sayin'.      ;)

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As do I.
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At this moment in time my R9 is fully loaded with Silvertips, they work well, as does the Gold Dots. I believe that is all I tried, it goes bang, I hit the target Im not hurting the pistol.

Darn, this pistol is so well made, I just like having it.
I say darn because I wish they were still made.