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Hypothetical about Rohrbaugh type design

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Just wondering about a hypothetical. Not taking into account patents and legalities and such,  could a pistol in the style of the Rohrbaugh be produced with a paddle magazine release rather than the current European type release without dramatically altering the size function.

Also have there been any advancements since production ended that would enable the size to be reduced any further without impacting functionality.   Like new materials or design elements that weren't available at the time.

As for materials,  are any newer alloys capable of standing up as well as steel for the slide allowing for shaving it down at all?   What about using titanium in the design.  Obviously that would cause the price to skyrocket.   

Very interesting thread you started.

I am watching this for some ideas and discussion as well.

(Personally I like the heel release magazine, I feel it's safer)

The thing I like about the paddle release is that I don't have to shift my grip to do a magazine change.  I use the middle finger of to operate the paddle.   Now the R9 frame might present a challenge since you have a fairly small grip surface.   I like to standardize as much as I can so that I don't have to spend time training differently.  On larger calibers and fuller size weapons that isn't an issue,  but the Walther PPS is the smallest paddle release I have.   For things smaller it has been button release.  Until the Seecamp and the R7 with the heal release.   I'm the least experienced with the heal release so maybe I'll end up preferring it. 

I think if you are planning on using your R9 like a compact or larger model, it might not be the best choice in your situation.  Facing the need for fast magazine change is probably in the wheelhouse of a larger pistol.  The heel magazine release is a lot safer for deep pocket carry, where the chance of the release activating is lessened.  That is how I carry mine, even when carrying a larger handgun.

Once upon a time I shot quite a few competitions at the start of IPSC.  Quick draw, fast shooting and blazing magazine changes were name of the game. In no way does the Rohrbaugh fit that slot, IMHO.  You might look at the newer generation of small pistols like the FN Reflex (really good triggers out of the box), Springfield Hellcat, and the fan bois favorite Sig P365 in its various flavors.  These are all feature loaded, have that traditional American magazine release, decent capacity and carry really nicely in a belt based holster.

I don't have an issue switching between guns as I try to stay competent on most all my firearms, no issues with the bottom release on the old H&K squeeze cocker which I still carry on rare occasions.

Just my thoughts..............



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