Author Topic: Range trip with my R9 & Black Talon ammo  (Read 1705 times)

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Range trip with my R9 & Black Talon ammo
« on: April 18, 2018, 08:32:37 PM »
My son took me to the range last Saturday where we had a ball shooting a few of my Berettas, (Iíve been a Beretta fanatic & collector since the 80ís - now my son finally is also), and we both ended our session blowing off 2mags each of Winchester FMJ plinking ammo in our R9ís.  I handed him one last mag loaded with Black Talon ammo, (that Iíve been hoarding since my PD days). He asked what ammo it was, and I told him to just try it, itís what I carry in all my guns - he could not believe the difference in the amount of kick it gave him - ďDad, weíre not supposed to put +P ammo thru our Rohrbaughís ya know!Ē   I assured him it wasnít +P as I would not do that to our R9ís, but just 147gr. Hollow point instead of 115gr. Fmj.  Sure enough, I got the same bit of extra kick that he experienced,  and we both had great groupings. 
The second we got home I dismantled both guns and inspected both under an Ott light and magnifier -
all was as good as new. 

Has anyone else tried Black Talon in their R9, and if so, opinions Please.  (Yes, I know itís not a normal carry ammo that very many people use or want to pay the price for).  Although not +P ammo, is 147gr. hollow point BT pushing the envelope with the R9?  I do not want to damage my EDC in any way, shape, or form, and would greatly appreciate some knowledgeable opinions.  Thanks one and all !