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Here is one new pistol from SHOT that has a lot of unique features including an alien price:


Gas Piston, low bore axis, fixed barrel.  Sounds like the H&K P7, but with a higher capacity and the ability to add a optic.

Nice looking gun, would like to shoot one and get some reviews from actual purchasers before further consideration.

I would also be concerned about warranty work and service with a new gun from Czechoslovakia.

We've had such outstanding performance with everything that we have come across from there I would not think it much of an issue.  Between herself and I we must have close to 20+ CZ firearms.  They do know how to make a quality firearm.  Plus the importer will not promote/carry them long if a $5K pistol has quality issues. 

That being said errrrr, written, I have heard the new Colt Pythons had quality and performance issues at range day during the SHOT show.  (WTF is wrong with the folks at Colt these days???)

Finally got to handle one of the FK BRNO Field Pistols last week.  That is another fine piece of Czech craftsmanship.  I would like to try one out on the range, but really have no desire to own one.

The quality of Czechoslovakian guns is not an issue. As with any new firearm there will be be warranty work. I would like to see their CONUS network of repair facilities before I dipped my toe into this one, as good as it looks. The perfect gun hasn't been built yet, especially in its beginning.


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