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I read novels at lunch. Usually tecno-thrillers, detective stories, mysteries.

I'm not a sci-fi or horror fan.

But, about 8 months ago, it was suggested that I read a novel written by Laurell K. Hamilton--her Anita Blake series.

I've read them all. They are a hoot.

The lead character is a 5 foot 2 inch women who never goes anywhere without 2 handguns and at least two knives. She buttresses her "dress" with a sawed off shotgun and a SMG .

The genre is called "alternate history." In the book Anita is a state licensed vampire killer.

If you are a gun nut like myself, you will love these novels. Although the author is a women, the novels (except for the last 2 in the series) reads as if they were written by a gun nut male.