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Hello; My first post. Much enjoy reading though and have learned from you all. Thank you. I own serial no. 3069. It had just under 100 rounds fired when it developed a problem. Very difficult to rack the slide. Have to make multiple tries and use a fast forceful motion to get the slide to pull back more than about a 1/2 inch. First happened after 2 magazines. Noted the gun warmed up a bit but not much. Then last week fired 4 more magazines and the problem became severe. I suspected an out-of-spec roll pin. It might be heating and expanding and introducing drag. Not the roll pin, first I replaced it and then took it out all together. Same symptom. Happens just past where you can see the roll pin. I see nothing out of place but only have the one R9 so no comparison is possible. There is slight scoring  on the inside of the slide (roll pin) but nothing else. Can't feel any burrs or observe galling on the slide. I called Williams Gun Sight where I purchase spares (thank you all for the referral), and Gunsmith Alex said he had not experienced this problem (there is a Gunsight Alex there too). Wondering if there is any recommendation on this? You all seem very knowledgeable and I can tell you respect this firearm greatly. Me too. I am in Tampa Bay. Any help appreciated. You folks make me want a second one of these. They are really something special. I worry about getting someone who will know how to address this problem. Sorry for the long message.

Welcome, JMH. Your problem is one I haven't heard about in 13 years on this forum. Eric would be the best authority on this unusual issue. I have experienced a similar situation where the roll pin wasn't fully initially inserted but not after firing several magazines. Could the pin have backed out somehow?

Welcome JMH.
Yes Eric will probably have a good idea of the issue.

Does the slide move smoothly with the takedown pin out? 

Thank you for weighing in. All appreciated. Problem occurs with or without roll pin and with the magazine in or out. In my hand it feels like something 'hits' and stops the slide and after then several tries with considerable force and a sudden motion, the slide seems to 'jump' past the obstacle and it works smoothly the rest of the way to its limit of travel. I am baffled. Just knowing it is not something that happens with regularity is an important insight.


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