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is this 45 going to happen?

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sorry dont read board much but is this going to happen? and if so i realize they are hard to nail down on production but will it be this year? thanks


Not before the next SHOT show.

No info yet!  Stay tuned!    :)


--- Quote ---Not before the next SHOT show.
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In another thread DDGator wrote

--- Quote ---I can also tell you that Karl is on a mission to make this gun.  It will happen, and it will happen well before SHOT 2012.

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I would think that at that time it was good info BUT I would not hold my breath.  I still hold my guess of May 2013 at the earliest.

What most people do not realize, it that with little guns, especially .45's, one of the biggest hurrdles if not The biggest is the recoil system.
Why Colt themselves had a devil of a time getting the Colt Defender to work without being a jamomatic.  I heard some say they there are some guns out there they could not cure.

Colt even had a difficult time in the 80's with the Officers model.  
Other companys like Springfield and Llama had had problems as well.
And of course AMT with their 45 Backup has a bad reputation.

But if anyone can get it right I have faith in the Brothers and knowing that they won't release the R45 till it  is right the first time.

I'm sure that they are having or will have their struggles like everyone else and we will just have to wait and it will be worth it.


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