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I wonder if the Rohrbaugh brothers have considered the 45 GAP cartridge instead of the 45 ACP for the R45??  I know...I was skeptical of the 45 GAP -- until I shot one.  I have two G39s -- and they are great CCWs.  The 45 GAP would allow for an R45 in a similar footprint as the R9.  I would buy one if they'd make it -- and since 10% of the State Police agencies in the US are now using the 45 GAP, I'm thinking there would be a good law enforcement market for the R45 "GAP" as a back-up pistol.

I second that thought.  The 45 GAP is the ACP's equal in terms of performance and has the same cartridge length, so grip length (front to rear) and barrel/slide functioning should be similar to the 9x19, and Speer makes some very nice Gold Dot loads in the caliber.  One might expect that it could be the very same footprint except perhaps for width and cartridge capacity (5+1?). 

Rohrbaugh could offer an optional stainless frame to boot which might help some recoil sensitive shooters.  Add front and rear grip strap checkering and I would be a happy camper.

I have spent range time with two Para LDA's in 45 GAP (a 3" & a 3.5") and they are very nice shooters.

I'm looking forward to the R45, but I probably wouldn't be able to buy one at least until the end of this year if not next year so it's no hurry for me. I'm getting along just fine with my old Kahr's and AMT Backup .45 for subcompact ccw. I'm hoping the R45 will excel at being a super lightweight backup weapon like the R9 does.

Here's the official word from Boberg Arms regarding their pocket 45 design -- and image overlays...

--- Quote ---Reply by Arne Boberg on Thursday
I actually started working on the design of a .45 GAP two days ago - my goal is to get some 3D images out in the next few weeks. However, this gun will require a lot of investment and testing, and is at least two years out before getting to a pre-order stage - and that is IF it works. The dynamics of this much fatter cartridge will be totally different - this is not an easy undertaking.
--- End quote ---

Here is an overlay of the proposed XR45 Micro GAP (in blue) versus the XR9-S (in black) versus the Beretta Tomcat .32 in red:

The barrel length of the .45 would be 3.09".

Rohrbaugh R9S (red), Boberg XR45-Micro GAP (proposed in blue) and Rohbaugh R45S (prototype):

Rohrbaugh R9S with centered overlay on proposed XR45-Micro GAP:


I'll have to pass on a 45 GAP pistol, ammo availability is just not there and I don't see it getting better. In time the Gap will be like the 41mag and the 16 ga shotgun.


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