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IS there any news regarding the R45?

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Even though I now own several Kimber Ultras, I would still like to see an any of the insiders here have any more info?

What are you looking for?  The one at the SHOT show felt great, looked nice, and I have no inclination to withdraw my deposit...  Although, now my OCD is kicking in, and I'm tempted to submit a second one, ideally w. sequential numbers... 

There have been reports that the R45 will be available, but no timetable has been released.   Further, there has been no official confirmation that the proto shown at SHOT will be the final [near final] product.

I do recall sending a deposit to a member and have not heard a thing since that time - a good while back.

As time goes by, the competition gets better and better. Case in point, the Springfield XDS. From all reports I have seen, it is an excellant Pistol and priced very nice.



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