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Whatever happened to the R45?

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There has been no news since the 2012 Shot Show and no one has seemed interested enough to post anything here since 2012. Just wondering if anything is going on with this project at this point? I don't mind carrying around my AMT Backup .45acp, since it's the same size as my Kahr MK9, but I'm interested in a more modern Rohrbaugh product.

There seems to be bigger issues now than the perennial R45 questions.


Yes, but perhaps the change will finally allow them the time, capacity, and resources to launch an R45.

Looking forward to the R45.  Love my R9s but wouldn't mind stepping up in caliber.  For certain carry situations though, my R9s will always be a choice and I do carry it often.

I have been reading a lot of information about ballistics, one shot stop comparisons, calliber wars, etc.
It seems to me that there really isn't a lot of difference between the major callibers when you look at the results, using modern premium hollow point ammo.
What you give up in the larger bullet diameter with .45, you gain an extra round or two in magazine capacity with 9mm.  Plus, the 9mm is easier to control for follow up shots in a smaller sized, light weight pistol like the Rohrbaugh.
With full metal jacket ammo, like what is used on the battlefield, .45 may be superior to 9mm.  With ammo manufacturers all competing to meet the F.B.I. standards for expansion/penetration, the best rounds for each calliber seem to produce very similar wound cavity results.
My smallest/lightest .45 acp is a Springfield xds, and it is about as small and light as I can imagine shooting with that calliber.  It also only holds 5 in the standard flush magazine, and is just a little big and heavy for daily pocket carry, in my spoiled by R9 opinion.
Not that any of this baah humbug talk means that I don't want a Rohrbaugh .45. Make mine with a black frame, stainless slide... and maybe some checkered wood 1911 style grips would be nice.   


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