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Grip screw question

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Morning All,
    So Iím trying to take the grips off an R9, and just one screw wonít give up the ghost and come off, no matter what.  Iíve checked the other screws and it doesnít appear that someone has used Loc-Tite anytime in the past.  I donít mind stripping the tool, just donít want to strip the grip screw. 
Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated on what my next steps should be, Thank you.   

Just heat a small soldering iron and carefully touch it to the screw for a few seconds.

Thank you, will try it this afternoon !

That is exactly correct Joe. We spoke with Loctite about how to release the agent so we could remove the grips on the R9s. They said take an "old style" soldering gun and place it inside the grip screw for about ten seconds. That softens the Loctite as it softens at around 300 degrees. Then you can easily remove the screw.

Eric R.

PS:  Nice speaking with you today on the phone.  ecr

Thank you tracker & Eric, greatly appreciate the advice.

And the pleasure was all mine Eric, a very enjoyable conversation, Thank you !!
(donít forget 6Ēgutters) 😂 😉


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