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Buss Fuse Puller:  It sounds like a great idea, and I thought the slot cut in the end would allow easy insertion of the pin. Several readers apparently immediately understood the application.  But, I just can't see how it will hold the slide in place to align the pin hole. Somehow, I must be missing something pretty basic.  Home Depot and Lowe's only had one size, so I assume it is the right one.  Could someone please slip me a hint or send a photo.

There are much better tools to use than this buss fuse puller but unfortunately, the designers of these handy gadgets are gone. Some forum member may be able to find the source references but I could not locate them. These were designed and made by R.J Hedley and Steve Bedair, now both deceased. Also, as I recall, some members in the past used a chopstick between the slide and the barrel.This would hold the slide open just the right distance to line up the pin and the hole to remove it with a properly sized punch to push out the pin.

The bus puller works great for me, aids also for weak/arthritic hands as opposed to some of the other tools that also work but require more hand strength.


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