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I'm still torn - between Keltec P-11 and Rohrbaugh

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I'm still torn.

I LOVE my Rohrbaugh.  However the Keltec P-11 with 4 or 5 more rounds and a bit more velocity is another choice.

I will be likely to have my Glock 19 most of the time but there will be times when my usual dress; casual business, is not conducive to anything except pocket carry.

My age and slowness of gait, due to severe spinal degeneration, make me a potential target for BGs.  We have been experiencing more and more muggings and car jackings from parking lots where the BGs are in groups of 3 to 6 people.

I will certainly be training to shoot well with my Rohrbaugh.  But those extra rounds are going to be hard to put down, that fit into the Keltec.  My Keltecs all hold 11 rounds in each of the magazines, so with an extra magazine that would give me 12 in the gun plus 11 more for a reload from behind cover if need be.

I solicit debate and conjecture about this, please.  Keltec or Rohrbaugh - 7 at 1,000 fps or 12 at 1,100 fps; that is the question!

in the first place, the 100 gr CorBon Powrball is a better bet,or the 90 gr jhp from CorBon.  I don't trust jhp's to expand in flesh at less than  1300 fps, because I've seen them fail to do so on animals, lots of times

If you need more than 7 rds, you need more than a pistol, much less a pocket pistol.  Wear some good concealed armor,too.

The P-11 is a good little pistol -- but isn't a pocket carry gun in my opinion.  It's just too big -- even for relaxed slacks, much less blue jeans.  I have the P-11, P-40, P-357, P-32, and P-3AT offerings from Kel-Tec...  At present, the P-3AT is what goes in my pocket.  I can use it with front pocket carry -- even in tight blue jeans.

I'm hoping the R9s will be just as comfortable in front pocket carry.

forget the tight jeans.  Their pockets won't let you take a firing grip on ANY pistol, and make a swift draw from same.  Tight jeans are kid stuff. A ccw man just has to make certain concessions in how he dresses, that' s all. I've had a seamstress add larger pockets to many of my pants over the years.  One either gets serious about having an adequately powerful gun in the pocket, goes with a belt rig, or settles for some mouse gun that's nothing but a bluff.

Well for what it is worth, here is my .02 worth. I never really considred carrying a BUG off duty until I bought my P32 about a year ago. As an LEO i have been carrying a BUG while working for years. I carry a P3AT daily now as a BUG while working and while off. That being said, I don't really consider the P3AT a primary carry piece. If I needed something for pocket carry as a primary I used the PM9. I loved the P32 so much I bought a P11, then the P3AT and now a P40. The P11 filled the gap between my Smith full size 5946 (duty weapon) and my P3AT. I liked having 12 9mm rounds instead of 6 or 7 from the PM9. It was also nice to have a larger grip, sight raduis and barrel. Now the P11 has been replaced by the P40 becasue of the more potent round. If you feel comfortable with the less is more theory than the rohrbaugh should be fine if it is in your price range. If not than the PM9 may be more suited to your taste. I will say that for the asking price of the rohrbaugh now, you could get a PM9 and a P11. For me though, I am interested in the R9 to replace my P3AT! I will wait and monitor the progress of these pistols on this board before I make the commitment. For me the PM9 although lighter than my previous MK9, it is still a little large for BUG pocket carry.

Consider you options and find what falls best within your budget and needs.



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