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R-9 might be wonderful, but it aint a rifle

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and it aint a match pistol,and it aint something with which to teach a novice, and it aint exactly a  hunting pc. So it's a bit of a stretch to imply that no other guns exist, (or that none merit consideration or discussion).

Just meant to be a bit of levity since this is a Rohrbaugh forum.  There are lots of places to discuss other guns, although its welcome here too...

Certainly the R-9 is not a solution to every problem.  In fact, its probably only a solution to one problem -- how to pack a service round into the smallest concealed gun possible.

I have lots of other guns for lots of other reasons.  

well, once a pc is small enough, and lw enough for a front pants pocket, making it smaller or lighter just hurts the user's ability to hit swiftly and repeatedly.  I think that Kahr stole Mr Rorbaugh's thunder, with their $600, 15 oz, 6" PM9 9mm.

Maybe to some degree they did, but the R-9 is smaller in all dimensions (with all metal construction -- no plastic -- and no stamped, cast or MIM parts) and feels smaller yet.  I had a PM9 and found it on the large side for pocket carry.  The R-9 carries much easier to me.  

As for how it shoots, I can't yet say, but I look forward to finding out.

I had a Kahr P40; shot the best of any semi-auto I've ever had.  Pointed like a GOOD DA revolver, light enough, slim enough to conceal, plenty of punch.  Thought I'd hit on the perfect carry gun.  

BUT... Kahr has a fatal design flaw with the polymer frame mag catch; it has a *tiny* piece of steel embedded in the plastic mag catch that has a propensity of departing from the mag catch.  Thereby rendering the gun into a single shot, at best...   I traded it for a stainless K40 (too heavy) and traded that for a Glock27 (too bulky).   Now  back to a S&W 340SC most of the time, or a Keltec .380 ALL of the time (my NAA G32 has become my new pocket snake medicine on the farm replacing a .22mag mini-revolver).

I'm impressed by the side-by-side comparison with a KelTec .380.

BUT, for $900+/-, I'd expect a slide release and a side mount mag catch.  Kinda surprised they went the butt-mount mag catch.   If it had the butt-mount mag catch, I'd be raiding the cookie jar.   Fer now I'll stick with what I've got.

(still lookin' for the "perfect" carry gun)


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