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Who has retired their P3-AT?

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Mine is in the safe now that I have my R9S.  I'm curious to see if a lot of Robaugh owners are also P3-AT owners.  I would think so.  I thought the P3-AT would be my pocket carry for years to come.  I think that now about my R9S.  I wonder if Rohrbaugh or any other manufacturer will cause me to retire the R9S in the future??

Mike - mine too - I admit - is in safe!!  Tho always loaded and could well be odd times when it'll be grabbed. For now anyways as I really want to keep my #1 R9 in good shape, as far as outside wear goes.

I believe mine will be headed that way... We will see.

My Kel Tec is still out and used. My intent for it was to carry it in a neck holster usually in the winter when I wear sweat pants and a sweat shirt. So I don't expect it to be retired, just not an everyday gun.

I like the idea of a neck holster.  Tried it years ago with my P-32 and found it a bit uncomfortable the few times I tried that method of carry.  I think it a great way to carry a BUG.  Now I am remembering how much I liked my P-32!  The P3AT caused me to retire the great little P-32.  Now they both live in the safe.


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