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P-3AT owners rejoice!

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Pow'R ball ammo now available in .380 ACP

70gr 1250fps 243 ft/lbs.

I found this on the Cor-bon site tonight:


I promptly ordered a couple of boxes...

Do they offer any ballistic gelatin results?  I'd be curious to see what kind of penetration one could expect from this 70gr bullet.

Evan Marshall plans to do a gelatin test with the .380 PB on July 2nd.  The results will be discussed on www.stoppingpower.net/forums

The regular 90gr Cor-bon bullet offered penetration of greater than 16.5" (it exited the gelatin block).

The 90gr Cor-Bon is what I carry in my P3-AT.  Was it a bare gelatin block that it passed through?  Must not have expanded at all.  

Hi Fly:

Evan doesn't like the Rohrbaugh. While he writes books with Sadow, it is interesting that his opinion of exotics is far, far less favorable than Sadow's.


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