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I'm looking for a good pistol caliber carbine for home defense and occassional trunk carry.  I would like a .45acp carbine that uses 1911 mags but no one seems to make one anymore.  

I like the looks of the Kel-Tec Sub 2000 in .40S&W but wonder about the reliability.  I am a big Kel-Tec fan but a couple of the gun store folks say they are reluctant to order them because customers have been unhappy.  What do you suggest.


Here's two you should look at -- Marlin Camp 45.  No, not made anymore -- but my Camp 9 has been excellent.



Mike - I have heard both good and bad re Sub 2000 .... doubt I'd go that route.  I have a Marlin Camp 9 - see pic below - super lil' fella.  I know a coupla guys lucky enough to find a used Camp .45 ... that by all accounts is a great gun.

Also - in 9mm .. the Ruger PC9 has its following.  Then some like the Beretta Storm ..  9mm.  Even too, there are those people who like (despite fugly!) the cheapo Hi-Point carbine - again 9mm.!

What about a Thompson 1927A1 for the .45???  ;D

I've heard nothing but good things about the Hi-Point Carbines.

They are available in .40 S&W -- at $190, it seems like a bargain.


I have a Mech Tech conversion unit for my Kinber .45 cost $250 from a gun store .Just take off the slide ,attach  the lower frame to the conversion unit  and insert mag..you are ready to go..Unit weighs 7 pounds or so , the recoil is mild.With a scope it makes a nice little .45 rifle.


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