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Up in size a tad ...... but still useful.

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Two pieces that I can't remember us discussing a lot are .. the ''Mak'' (in 9 x 18) and the Bersa Thunder in .380 (9 x 17).

I have one of each and I must say - whilst re size and weight (and cal even) they are not in R9 category - they are IMO very viable carry pieces.

I occasionally use a fanny pack - and my Bersa ''lives'' in that - such that if donned, the Bersa is with me... plus spare mag!

The Mak is somewhat more recreational but - in terms of bang for buck .. the Mak is for sure a great buy for those on more limited budgets.  I enjoy shooting mine... and it is robust and reliable.

Both these are blowback and so not as sophisticated as an R9 by far ..... but, they do represent IMO valid extra carry choices... for not too much loose change.

I agree about the Bersa a fine little pistol for the money Iam sorry to say I don't carry mine much any more. Was replaced with a PPK/S. The Bersa is still shot a lot just not carried as often. My pocket pistol is my Mustang in Don Hume pocket holster. PPK IWB carry. I've tried to warm up to the Mak and can't. I really can't find any thing to  like,finish,trigger grips.sights odd cal. But then I don't own any AK'S orSKS either,and won't.


--- Quote --- I've tried to warm up to the Mak[size=13][/size]
--- End quote ---
S'OK Michael ..... you're still welcome!! ;D

I think you must be the first I have come across that doesn't find the ''Mak'' a remarkable piece ....... for price and reliability!  Mind you - it's not a carry piece for me but - I know there are those who find it serves a good purpose.

And .. no fun with an AK?  Shame! :P


I see Maks all the time at gun shows.  Which is preferable: Russian, Bulgarian, Romanian, East German?


Mike .. the most common IMO and also probably cheapest - will be a Bulgy.  $149 is a price I kept seeing at gun shows earlier this year.  Not seen a Romanian yet and EG ones seem less than common.  The Russians are IMO the most desirable to get .. they will usually command more money and keep value better.  Mine is Bulgy import but - actually a Russian .. as shown by a classic triangle type marking on left side.

IIRC, It is not legal to bring a Russian one straight in - but seems, if it goes the Bulgarian route and gets their stampng too ..... it gets here!  That's about as much as I  know really, but -

For good info - do go browse at Makarov.com.


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