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A couple of different types of ammo just for fun


My R9 fires the 124 Gold Dot and 115 Silver Tip ammo just fine.  But I wanted to see how some of the Federal Syntech (coated bullets) would fire, just for fun and a leaning experience.
First I fired 6 rounds of Federal Syntech Action Pistol, 150 Grain at 15 feet (indoor range).  All rounds hit but all rounds "keyholed" into the target. No problems with feeding. (Note: this round shoot exceptionally well in a S&W Target Pistol with reduced recoil and excellent accuracy.)

Next I fired 5 rounds of Federal Syntech Range 124 Grain at 15 feet (indoor range).  All rounds hit and went straight and true into the target.  No problems feeding.
Since I did not encounter any feeding issue, I intend to purchase the Federal Syntech Personal Defense rounds (124 grain) and give them a try when I get a chance.

Nice write up and welcome to the forum amcamx1969.

I haven't used that ammunition and am interested in seeing how your pistol feeds and shoots the personal defense rounds.

Yes, nice first writeup amcam and welcome to the forum.

You will find a wealth of knowledge here for anything Rohrbaugh R9 or R380.

We'll see you around the forum.


Eric C. Rohrbaugh

That's good to know. I've looked at the synthetic but hadn't considered it for the R9.


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