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Another day at the range


I’ve backed off a bit on range trips due to Covid+ammo cost.  With corrected vision in my dominant right eye of 20/30+, double vision due to unpaired cataract replacement lenses and a rather course tremor of my hands (used to be called a “senile tremor” although more sensitive docs call it an “essential tremor”), I find that my ability to shoot bullseye targets has suffered trying to focus gaze and control the tremor, I often either flinch or jerk the trigger.  Now, when I was much younger I was pretty much a snap shot with my rifle and also with a 4” S&W model 66 .357 revolver, so I decided to forgo aiming and use Rex Applegate’s point and shoot method (read:  Bullseyes Don’t Shoot Back), and have been practicing.  IT WORKS!

This week:
1.  Seecamp .32, 20 rounds PMC 60 rapid fire at 7 yards against a “perp” target; one flyer, the rest center mass loosely grouped.
2.  Rohrbaugh R9s:  40 rounds of Lawmant 124 shooting inn 5 round rapid “mag dumps”-all but one round on the target, but 5 were not center mass (hit the perp’s gun hand twice, liver once, shoulder once)...This is the Special R9 that I bought from Eric, the absolute epitome of a carry pistol.
3.  Sig P365 40 rounds of Lawman 124 half of which were rapid fire and the rest a slower but not aimed (just point/shoot) style-all in the target perp silhouette but with 3 not center mass.

All three pistols performed flawlessly.  A good day at the range.  IMO any sudden “social engagement” requiring a handgun should (will) be a point/shoot event, so that is what I now practice exclusively.

Sounds like you had a really productive day at the range backupr9.

I'm also keeping range time in check due to ammo availability and cost.  I check Academy early on Saturday mornings, got luck last week and got 600 rounds of 9mm range ammo (Wolf), and then 600 rounds of Winchester white box at the next one down the road.  That will keep me going for a bit.  Regular prices, kudos to them for that, not inflated.

Sounds like a fun day at the range

Thanks for the range report Sir.
Hang in there and know that all us aging warriors have to work around our growing limitations and find ways to compensate. Fight in the dog, not dog in the fight stuff comes to mind.
Us older guys aren’t looking for a “fair fight”. Some philosopher said,”if you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck”!
I concur, point shooting is what happens, when IT happens.

Thanks Griff...fully agree.  When my issues precluded effective participation in my favorite pastime (golf) I took up shooting sporting clays and skeet and love it.  A good friend, now deceased, last year had a sudden retinal separation in his right (dominant) eye.  Within 6 weeks he was shooting effectively left handed/left eye.  No give-up in that man!  Life is a challenge as is aging; but hey, if the egg breaks, make an omelet.


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