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First trip to the range with R9S

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First post. Took my R9S to the range today. Picked it up last week, this was the first time my schedule allowed the trip. Used Fed 115 gr ball, the gun ran through it like a hog at the trough. Accuracy was about an inch at ten yards as long as I did my job. Switched to SIG 115 gr HP with the same results. Recoil was a bit heaver but no big deal. You do know you're shooting something. Moved to steel and finished my drills. Did a great job ringing the bell. Very pleased with the purchase. The previous owner purchased the pistol in 2011 and let it sit in the box. I bought a sticky holster for pocket carry while I wait for the order from Pocket Concealment Systems. I think it's the perfect pistol for deep concealment.


Weird- had an error message, said could not post. Sorry for the duplicate.


Not to worry, there's is a glitch in the system that happens all of the time recently.

Welcome to the forum.

You will find a great group of folks on here with everything you ever wanted to know about that pistol.

Kick off your shoes and stay awhile.


And welcome from NE Florida as well.  Word of advice:  be sure to tighten your grips screws as they work loose, especially on the right (ejection) side.  That grip holds the trigger spring in place….I need to tighten mine every 20-30 rounds to be safe.  Loctite is dangerous and you may not be able to remove the grip screws without stripping them.  Based on size, weight, power, quality and “feel” this is simply the best deep carry handgun ever made, at least for me.  Just shot one of mine at the range Monday….30 rounds of 124gr Lawman in point/shoot double tap+1 at 5 and 7 yards.   Flawless!


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