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Problem at the range yesterday

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Shot the R9 (30 rounds of Lawman 124) without a problem.  When I went to disassemble the pistol for cleaning, the threaded wheel that holds the recoil spring assembly together had unscrewed itself and fell off.  I had this happen twice before.  The first time was just after I received the piece from Eric so I sent him the parts and he put it back together.  Then I happened again not too long ago and I got it back together.  This time I slathered the post with Loctite Blue and reassembled the spring assembly.  I suspect this could have damaged the pistol had it happened when I was firing; just really glad I quit when I did!

PM sent today. . . . . Columbus Day

Eric R.

Thank you Eric.  I think all is well.


--- Quote from: backupr9 on October 13, 2021, 12:18:19 PM ---Thank you Eric.  I think all is well.

--- End quote ---

Just so you folks are in the loop. . . . . .

John and I spoke and he actually has everything back in order. He is quite the resourceful gentleman!

His R9 is alive and well thanks to John himself. All I did was phone him and give him my thoughts and support, however, he already had it taken care of!  Love it!

Enjoy your weekend folks.

The wife and I are with family celebrating our grandson's 9th Birthday today!  Yee-Haw!

Regards to All,

Eric C. Rohrbaugh

Heck, it was all I could do to keep Eric from leaping on his bike with a tool kit and roaring down here to Florida to fix it himself…a great guy to know, great to talk to, and a great gentleman!


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