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I'm a bit late to the party but I fianally got to shoot my Rohrbaugh.


I went through my 9mm ammo boxes and found some Remington 115 gr ball ammo and some IMI 115 gr hollow points. I put in a new recoil spring and added some checkered VZ G10 grips(pink was all they had left but hey, it's supposed to be concealed, right?). I fired 3 mags full plus one round of each of the ammo types. No malfunctions, well, I shot a mag week hand only and the brass did not eject on the last round fired. With this style mag catch, not really a problem and I'm sure I was limp wristing it so the problem was caused by me. This little gun has very snappy recoil.My very large hand was taking a bit of a beating. I've been around guns most of my life and the recoil on this is about as lively as any handgun I've fired. I like it! when I got it home, I found that 3 of the grip screws were loose. I'll have to find a solution for that.

Good to hear Philip.

Sounds like it did exactly what you wanted from the handgun.  Now you can carry it with confidence.

Would like to see a picture of it dressed in those pretty grips  :)


Sounds good Phlip.  The trick with the grip screws:  At the factory, when assembling the pistols, we would put a little Loctite medium (the red one) on the threads of the grip screws. That hardens in about 24 hours. To remove the screws without damaging the Allen key area, we would take a soldering gun with a pointed tip, place it inside the grip screw Allen key area for about 10 – 15 seconds, which heats the existing Loctite on the threads and melts it back to a liquid. Then simply “load up” the Allen key and remove the grip screws. If you try without doing that little trick, you may get them off if you’re lucky. If not, you chance stripping the head of the female Allen screw and it is a whole process to remove them. Patience and a steady hand and you’ll be fine. 

Enjoy your pistol! 


Eric R.


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