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Karl's Early Serial Number Remington RM380 is For Sale!

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Hello and a Good Day to you All.

Well, those of you who know about the Remington RM380 Pistol being the Rohrbaugh R9 Design continuation, now you have your chance to pick up a brand new one right here with a fine story behind it. My brother, Karl Rohrbaugh, has decided to sell his early Remington RM380. I told him I loved mine and he responded that he has everything he needs in the other guns he has. Karl said to me that as long as I intended to keep my RM380, so we have our originals and at least one Remington version, he would sell his.
Other than the test firing at Remington and then Karl putting two mags through it, it is new. Never carried or even broken in.
The sale includes all of the paperwork from Remington and the original serial numbered box. There are two magazines, one a flat bottom and the other has the pinky extension. Both mags are six-round capacities. This is the 98th RM380 off the line! Mine is the 99th. I have about 70-90 rounds through mine and it has always functioned flawlessly! I would expect Karl’s to do the same.
$525 all in.

That includes the shipping from our FFL here on Long Island and insurance/tracking for the delivery.

Thank you for looking!


Eric C. Rohrbaugh

More photographs. . . . . . .

. . . and some final photograph.


That's an interesting piece, for sure.  The closing chapter of the R-9.  Thanks for sharing.

Had I not just purchased one, I would have purchased yours.


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