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Just listed on GunBroker!

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Don't see many of these go up for sale!


Nice.  I like the one at the link below, but a couple of the pictures are pictures of a phone screen, which is odd.  Plus, what is that silver thing hanging out of the magazine well in picture two?  Oh, and the seller only has one feedback.  There was a brand new Special Forces posted on GB last year that didnít sell.  I regret not buying it.


Silver thing hanging is the magazine release or lock.

I mean the silver thing that looks like an uncurled paper clip.

sarvdan, it looks to me like some trash that got caught up in the photograph.

Don't think it's a lock cable, as you don't see any part of it coming out the ejection port (and no other place to come out on the other side).

Not a part of a normal magazine construction.

The magazine catch is visible and unmolested.

I would not worry about it.



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