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For sale:Two R9 holsters .One is a DeSantis Paddle and second a Crossbreed inside the waist.Both old but in good shape $30 plus shipping for the pair

 Boy,I was a little surprised I received  no offers on my holsters.I didn't think the price was at all out of line.But maybe.I don't need them anymore and would just as soon move them on to somebody that has a use for them.Any interest?Just let me know.

Respectfully submitted, I have a Rohrbaugh because it fits in the pocket. Now if you had a LH pocket holster....

I had tried sending you a message previously but maybe it didn't go through. Like probably most of us on here, I have a favorite holster already.  I am open to new things and am interested. I'll try messaging again.

I do still have the two holsters.If anyone is still interested just let me know.I was having a little trouble getting on website so  I gave up but now I should be good.The  two holsters are just sitting.Oh,I’m still a gun guy.Most of the time now I wear suspenders to support a 1911 lightweight 45apc.or an ankle holster with my 43.


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